Monday, November 26, 2012

Ninjas Run Too!

So we're having an actual organized big sort of race here in Omaha on December 16th called the Ugly Sweater Run (  So I decided to sign up! 

First race since June.  Its a 5k.  So after I signed up, I needed to find an ugly sweater.  This was a moment where I wish I had saved all mine from junior high.  But I did not.  So I hit SIX stores yesterday thinking one of them would have something.  Walmart had some plain sort of Christmas sweaters - and I didn't think they were ugly or exciting enough.  I even went to Goodwill but they only had summer stuff - um, ok?  Ultimate fail.  So I went home and got on eBay.  I've never bought anything on eBay.  I found this one sweater that was cool but it sold while I was checking it out.  So I found another one and had a little bitty bidding war and won it.  Not extremely ugly but it reminds me of something I would have worn in junior high.

I plan on wearing my red tights too and a Santa hat and my sequin green gloves (well half gloves). 

So I have only run once in four months so I figured I better get some running in before the race so I don't embarrass myself too much.  Today was the day!

Not the best of days to choose to run.


Granted, it wasn't snowing when I went out.  But it was a frozen WINDY tundra out there.  Here is how I WAS going out there to run...this is the before.

Once I stepped outside, the wind got me.  So I ran back inside and put on my 'runners' mask (like a ski mask) which would keep my neck and face warm while I ran.  It helped a ton.  My fingers were pretty frozen when I got back (even though I was wearing special Brooks gloves/mittens).  So here is me after and the reason for the title of this blog.

LOL!  A ninja with pigtails! hahahaha!  I had no clue I looked like a ninja.  People probably thought I was super weird!  But it helped. 

Anyways, I probably ran a couple miles (Dear Santa:  Please bring me a Garmin). 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Favorite Pins Weekly Link Up

I love Pinterest and thought it would be cool to see what pins were my favorite that I pinned for the week via a blog post.  I would love to see your favorite pins also so please link up at the bottom of this post.  Can't wait to see yours!

Source: via Jovan on Pinterest

These earrings reminded me of a necklace my grandma had that she got an an auction that she swore were real rubies (my birthstone). You can't find rubies like these anymore. These in the picture are not real but they remind me of that necklace.

This picture is so beautiful.

Love this coat.

Source: via Jovan on Pinterest

I'm a Patriots girl so I thought this was pretty cool.

I'm a sucker for expensive sunglasses lately.

Source: via Jovan on Pinterest

LOVE these sunglasses Lisa wore on the Real Housewives. They're $425 at Barneys. Um...not in my budget lol! But man, they look so cool!

Holidays are here!

O' Christmas Tree!

Well, its that time of the year everyone!  Time to put up the Christmas tree.  I wasn't doing anything on Thanksgiving (moved to a new town and don't know anyone) so I decided to put up my little tree.  So here it is in all its glory...

I also wanted to show you guys all my ornaments so without further ado...

My name is unusual so they never have ornaments with my name so Jo will have to work. :)

Love me some Starbucks!

Have to have an Angel!

Go Pats!  I got this one from my good friend, Lori.  She rocks!

I found this one at Kohls.  Super cute Santa clothesline!  

One of my most favorite ornaments that I got at the Columbus Marathon Expo.  I had ran my 2nd marathon in a month there.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Monochromatic Outfit

Linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode and The Grant Life for Copy Cat Closet.  This week's challenge was Monochromatic Outfit.

I figured it would be too darn easy if I used black or gray or brown - the majority of my closet!  I have no colored pants or skirts so...I'm sorry guys - had to use gray!  But I did go for teal for the tops...and the one printed (oooo yes I'm challenging myself) had bits of gray in it (to flow with the gray pants).

Disclaimer:  Don't be jealous of my closet.  LOL! 

Turtleneck:  Kohls
Shirt on top of that:  Kohls
Shirt on top of that:  Probably Kohls
Pants:  Kohls
Shoes:  Kohls

the Grant life

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee Review

It is Saturday morning and I'm sitting here drinking a cup of Wild Mountain Blueberry Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee.  One of my favorite flavors to drink. 

I'm a bzzagent and was asked to review some coffee from Green Mountain Coffee.

You guys might know that I absolutely LOVE coffee.  And not just any coffee.  I love GOOD coffee.  I remember the days when I first started drinking coffee some 10 years ago or so.  It was the office coffee.  They bought the cheapest tub of coffee.  I remember people drowning the coffee with creamer and sugar.  So hilarious to think of it now.  I just suffered with it black because I didn't want all those extra calories.
Thankfully, times have changed.  We now have better coffee.  It is almost a ritual for me having that one cup of coffee in the mornings on the weekends.  (I have way more than a cup on the weekdays).  I buy Kcups and I like to buy the best coffee. 
So what can be even better than a great tasting cup of Joe?  Well, when you drink Fair Trade Certified coffee from Green Mountain Coffee, you aren't the only one benefiting from your great tasting cup of Joe.
By purchasing this coffee, you're ensuring a better cup of coffee for yourself and a better quality of life for farmers.  Your purchase doesn't just impact farmers - it benefits the surrounding communities, too.  Fair Trade: 
 - Helps farmers get a fair price for their beans
 - Improves working conditions
 - Assists in protecting the environment
 - Supports community development with projects resulting in new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water
In the end, all this enables farmers to invest in better quality coffee for - who else? - you!  Who knew that by preparing to conquer your day, you'd be helping so many others conquer theirs?
Makes me feel good!  So I got sent several Kcups of Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee.
As shown on the box, you can go HERE to order some coffee and check out some videos. 
Here's my cup of Joe with the Wild Mountain Blueberry.
I was sent four different flavors:  Wild Mountain Blueberry, EXTRA BOLD Sumatran Reserve, Colombian Fair Trade Secret, and Vermont Country Blend.
I've tried Wild Mountain Blueberry before and it is one of my favorite flavored coffees.  Can't go wrong with that one!  I am in LOVE with EXTRA BOLD Sumatran Reserve.  The bolder the coffee the better that is for sure.  And the other two were very good regular strength coffees.  I would recommend them all!  
So in summary, Green Mountain Coffee:
 - Provides a great cup of coffee packed with good vibes
 - Has a delightful, quality selection of Fair Trade Certified coffees available for everyone's taste and enjoyment, including Colombian Fair Trade Select and Sumatran Reserve
 - Offers a delicious assortment of seasonal Fair Trade Certified flavored coffees (such as Pumpkin Spice (my ABSOLUTE favorite flavored coffee by the way) and Spicy Eggnog (good one too)), to perfectly balance your coffee with the weather
 - Is the leading brand in Kcup packs for Keurig brewers (love my Keurig!)
 - Is readily available in most grocery stores, at stores like Target and Wal-mart (and Kohls!) and online at and
Includes one of the largest selections of Fair Trade Certified coffees in the U.S.
So go out and get you some awesome Fair Trade Certified Green Mountain Coffee!!!
Disclosure:  I'm a BzzAgent and I received coupons and product samples.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My latest win - Oakley Sunglasses!

I won these beauties on a blog I read everyday - Skinny Runner and the company giving them away - 

As you may or may not know, I enter a lot of sweepstakes.  One of the things in life that brings me joy for whatever reason.  Especially during the hard times in life, I need any kind of joy I can get.  It takes up a lot of time but I get 'er dun. 

Now I follow a ton of runner blogs and love to win running stuff but have never won from any of them.  So I was excited to win finally!  You can even run in these sunglasses.  They're worth $128!  I've never owned sunglasses worth more than $20!  So this was a treat for sure. 

I needed sunglasses bad too because all of mine had gotten too loose.  So this came right on time.  Thanks Skinny Runner!  You rock.  And you guys should totally go follow her blog - she is SO hilarious.  I crack up every time I read her blog. 

Anyways - here are some pics of me in my glasses.

Can you tell I've had a rough last 3 months? 

Oakley Symbol

Crooked smile - due to my dentist appointment earlier 

 Lookin' like a celeb (according to my girl, Kelly @ The Houtz House Party blog)...oo ya

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