Thursday, October 25, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Summer Dress into Fall

I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode for Copy Cat Closet.  This week's challenge is Summer Dress into Fall. 

Ok, I have no white flowy dresses.  I wish I did.  I went way off the deep end on this challenge.  I have no shirts like that.  Heck, I have no button up shirts really!  But I remembered one I have stored in a tub that I used to wear back in my hey day that is a button up shirt.  Totally clashes with my dress but I didn't care!  I went Cray Cray on this one.  Here we go!

Flash shot!  AAACK the bright colors!! LOL!

My hair was in a low bun.  I had hardly any makeup on so sorry about that! haha
Earrings:  From some cheap place in the mall
Dress:  No clue!
Button up top:  Probably Hot Topic 100 years ago
Tights:  Kohls probably?
Boots:  Kohls


  1. Girl, you did go cray cray with that one! But hey, that's what fashion & these challenges are all about! Having your own style and loving it and being confident in it! Rock it girl! :)

  2. So cute girl!!! I'm with natalia!! Rock it lady!!


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