Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween.  Anyone doing anything fun or exciting? 

My Halloween will be non-eventful.  No parties.  No costume dress-up.  Still a newbie in this town.  Maybe someday.

I did stumble upon a mall (Village Pointe Mall) this last weekend and while I was shopping I came upon a big ol' pumpkin tree!

They had free pumpkin carving so it would have been awesome for anyone with kiddos.  Pretty neat to see them making it.

So what would I have been if I did go to a party this year?  Well, I haven't gotten the costume yet (maybe tomorrow?) but this is a costume I just won:

Ok, that is the costume but of course I would make it look like the Black Swan.  I got the hair/complexion so I think I'd be the spitting image of the Black Swan.  Maybe next year.

But my go to costume is a cat!

Now THIS is a cat costume.  Wish I could find a costume like that.  Super sweet!
Source: weheartit.com via Jovan on Pinterest


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Summer Dress into Fall

I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode for Copy Cat Closet.  This week's challenge is Summer Dress into Fall. 

Ok, I have no white flowy dresses.  I wish I did.  I went way off the deep end on this challenge.  I have no shirts like that.  Heck, I have no button up shirts really!  But I remembered one I have stored in a tub that I used to wear back in my hey day that is a button up shirt.  Totally clashes with my dress but I didn't care!  I went Cray Cray on this one.  Here we go!

Flash shot!  AAACK the bright colors!! LOL!

My hair was in a low bun.  I had hardly any makeup on so sorry about that! haha
Earrings:  From some cheap place in the mall
Dress:  No clue!
Button up top:  Probably Hot Topic 100 years ago
Tights:  Kohls probably?
Boots:  Kohls

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Gave Nebraska My First Born Child...

Well not literally but pretty close!

For those of you that don't know, some states apparently have some crazy system where if you register your vehicle they don't charge just the normal registration fee of $50 or whatever (like Ohio does).  They have what they call a 'Motor Vehicle Tax.'  Basically each year up until the car is 14 years old, you pay this tax.  The amount of tax you pay is dependent on the MSRP of the vehicle AT THE TIME IT WAS NEW!!!  So of course, my vehicle cost mucho dollas, so I had to pay out the wazoo.  This was a totally unexpected expense.  I honestly need to save as many pennies as I can to use towards the loss on my house if I ever sell the darn thing.  So this was rough to take in when I learned about it last week.

I guess they have it instead of city taxes and the speeding tickets seem to be way less than Ohio's so hey - lets go speed and make up for all the taxes I just paid! 

Source: google.com via Curated on Pinterest

Yes, I believe that might have happened to me before.  Oh and did you know they ask on the form you fill out to get your drivers license if you have memory loss?  Um, okee dokee.  That has SO much to do with driving.  Moving on.

So I ended up paying $675 for inspection, title, registration, and my drivers license today.  Now also, EACH YEAR I renew my registration - I have to pay the same large amount minus about $50.  So next year I'll pay $625 and the year after that $575 etc.  What a load of baloney!

Just wanted to let you guys know that in case you want to ever move.  Try to find out because I had NO clue.  It was certainly hard to find on the website and I've never heard of that kind of tax.  I thought it was the same as Ohio everywhere.  Nope!

So here's how my day went.  I took off today and tomorrow.  I woke up and was out the door about 8.  Went to the inspection area and all the guy did was make sure my VIN was the same as on the title and how many miles I had.  $10!  For that?  Come on now.  Let me have his job!

Fun fun!

Thankfully the title/registration place was right next door.  No line really but it took the lady about 10 minutes to get everything done.  Thankfully I also had my P&Qs together and had all the documents she needed.  Saw a cute guy there...actually a couple.  But cute guys don't talk to me for some reason.  :/

Anyways, so I got my new title info all filed and then got my new plates.  Saying goodbye to my trusty personalized Ohio plates.  Sad moment in time.  So Nebraska I guess is using my money wisely and has actual barcodes on the plates!  Not like Ohio.  Also, they go by the date you move to Nebraska or the date you buy your vehicle on when you renew.  Ohio is on your birthdate.  Just so foreign to me.

Next I had to hit up another location for my drivers license.  So I was checking out my list of things I should bring and of course I forgot a utility bill along with other stuff.  So I had to go all the way back home to get it.  Argh!  By the way, it was a chilly, gloomy, fall day out.  FREEZING actually.  Love me some gloomy fall days though.  It just relaxes me for some reason.  Perfect sunny days just bore me.  I would never survive in LA! 

Not actually me or Omaha but it reminded me of today.  I need to take more pictures to show you guys.

So anyways, I head home, get my electric bill, and head out to the DMV.  While on my way there, I found a mall, kind of like the Fairfield Commons area in Dayton, OH.  So I'm excited to hit some of those stores in the future. 

I got to the DMV.  It was almost 10am by this point.  Somewhat crowded. 

Ok, not that crowded haha!  At least not when I got there. 

Ok, that is more like it.

And you know what?  Like I always say, if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all!  Remember how I said I took off today and tomorrow?  I did that because Nebraska DMVs here in my county are only open until 4pm AND are closed on the weekends.  Does that make any sense? 

No, not for me either.  So I took off those two days just in case something happened on Thursday, I could deal with it Friday.  Turns out - all the schools in the area are CLOSED today and tomorrow!  So ALL the teenagers with the moms were there to get their permits and drivers licenses, etc.  Just shoot me.  What kind of odds is that? 

So I get my little number and it says the wait time is 13 minutes.  Ok, I can deal with that.  Over an hour later, I get called in.  Like I was going BONKERS!  So of course I had my P&Qs all covered again (got to prepare for everything!) so I was out of there pronto. 

Now here's where Nebraska is different again from Ohio.  They take your picture etc but then you take a piece of paper into another room where they give you a temporary paper ID.  They tell you'll get your real ID in the mail.  OOOOOOOOOOK if you say so.  So how do the homeless get IDs?  Things are getting twisted here in Nebraska! 

I almost forgot the most important thing!  So I was sitting there for over an hour and I just realized - what if I don't pass the vision test?  I will have waited for nothing!  Why was I worried about the vision test?  Because of my experience this summer getting my renewal license at the Ohio BMV (or DMV..whatever!).  Check out this post for more details:  LASIK.  I had gotten Lasik done many years ago.  So no glasses/contacts.  I took my vision test in Ohio in July and could not ready the numbers!  They were all blurry!  Somehow I passed - I have no idea how.  So that really scared me so I went to get an eye exam where the doctor was very condescending.  Very discriminatory towards Lasik patients I think.  Anyways, he said yes I barely passed the exam - I think my eyes are 20/35 and 20/40.  Which turns out, weren't as bad as I thought since after Lasik they were 20/25 and 20/30 I believe.  They could not get my vision any better than that (and NOR could the eye doc with glasses).  So yes, they've gotten a bit worse and I have a lifetime guarantee so no worries. 

ANYWAYS, so I was dreading the vision test.  I take the test and I could see EVERY number!  I mean a couple 8s might have been 6s but all the rest were simple as pie.  WAY easier than Ohio.  Weird.  But hey, I'm grateful! 

So after that, I headed home but since I hadn't had any coffee to this point (wanted my teeth white for the picture lol), I hit up Starbucks.

Got me a Venti regular coffee. 

By the way, my picture was NOT good.  The lady had me look at a blue dot below the camera so I'm looking down.  Looks weird.  Maybe that's another weird Nebraska thing.

Oh and if you're wondering how things are for me since I moved, they aren't good.  In like every area of my life.  I don't wanna be all doom and gloom but it has honestly never been this bad for me.  Just trying to keep my head up as much as I can.  Wish I could talk about some of it on here but I cannot. 

Saw this quote on Facebook today and it is definitely something that will try to keep in mind.


And doesn't this look yummy? :) Had to end the post with some yummy food!

Copy Cat Closet - Boot Cuffs

Linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode today for Copy Cat Closet.  The challenge this week is Boot Cuffs.

Um....never bought any of those.  So I have none.  I guess one of the suggestions is to cut up sweater arms which is a genius idea but um...I have no sweaters I want to cut up.  Problem!  So just for this post, I found some fuzzy socks and wrapped those in the top of my boots to get the same look.  haha!  Guess its time to get some cuffs.

Here is the challenge look inspiration:

Here is my interpretation:

Scarf:  Drug Mart

Shirt:  Probably Kohls

Skirt:  No clue - really old

Tights:  Kohls

Fuzzy socks:  Gift from co-worker

Boots:  Kmart I think

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday.  I just bought $200 worth of sweaters from Kohls due to my freezing work environment and wore the one I loved the most today!

It cost around $50 on sale (without Kohls charge discounts) so it was beyond pricey for me.  But I needed big bulky sweaters bad!  So I caved in.  Now my outfit my seem pretty shapeless but I don't care to show my figure really.  The sweater is a 'trendy' poncho type sweater.  I'm actually trendy?  No way!  I actually got complements today so I must be doing something right.

Sweater:  Kohls - it is sort of shiny too

Shirt underneath:  Kohls

Skirt:  Kohls - it actually fans out in the back and drops lower than the front which I like a lot

Tights:  Kohls - does anyone else hate tights/hose?  I swear I can buy any size including plus size (control top and no control top) and they are STILL super tight in the hip/waist area.  I always feel like a stuffed sausage - thus I hardly wear skirts/dresses in the winter.

Shoes:  Kohls

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Layers

Linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode for Copy Cat Closet.

the Grant life

This week is Layers:

Here's my take:

Sweater:  Kohls
White shirt:  LLBean
Belt:  Kohls
Tank:  Kohls
Skinny Jeans:  Kohls
Shoes:  Kohls

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser Review

I'm a BzzAgent for www.bzzagent.com and they wanted me to review Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist and Oil Diffuser. 
Oil Diffuser

Fragrance Mist
I liked them both.  I got the pineapple & mangosteen scents.  At Walmart, they only had that scent and a linen type of scent.  I like mangos so I chose that one.  But I would love if they came out with other scents such as pumpkin or autumn type of scents.
The oil diffuser is nice because it looks like decor.  I put it up on my landing in my living room.  The scent was pretty powerful for the first few days which was shocking but I liked that.  Normally, I get used to the scent right away.  I could smell it for a good week before I guess I got used to it. 
The fragrance mist I have put in the bathroom.  It is a nice strong scent when sprayed.  The scent stays a while also.
I'm a BzzAgent and that I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Leggings

the Grant life
I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode for Copy Cat Closet.  This week's challenge - Leggings!

Alas, I know for a lot of ladies this might be the easiest challenge ever.  However - for moi, it is one of the harder ones.  You kind of have to wear something over you butt with leggings.  I have a loooooooooong torso and shirts just aren't made long enough for me most of the time much less to cover me all the way down past my butt!  But hey, I'll still do the challenge!

I have to admit something.  I basically did this outfit SO last minute so I'm sorry if this post/pictures are quite boring!  I had an idea in my head and then threw it together real fast.  The belt I really needed to make a hole but I just twisted it around for the pictures.  Anyways, here's the pics!

Shirt:  LLBean I think
Belt:  Came with Jeans probably from Kohls
Capri Leggings:  Kohls
Boots:  SO old but maybe Kmart? 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.

The main part of the outfit is the jacket I just bought from Kohls.  It is kind of big on me but the shoulders fit (I got football player shoulders lol) so that is all that counts!  Unfortunately, mid-way through taking pictures of myself - the button popped off!  What a bummer!  And there is no way it was because it was too tight - so it was bad sewmanship!  WHATEVER!  I'm not one to take things back (slacker!) so I'll try to sew it even though I'm so bad at sewing (not a domestic goddess). 

So here we go!

I really don't have hips down to my knees!  Those pants are awful.  Need to toss them out. 

Darn button!

 My AWESOME bracelet!  Worked perfectly with my jacket.
Jacket:  Kohls (juniors dept)
Top:  ?
Pants:  Probably Kohls a looooong time ago
Shoes:  (Can't see but they're Kohls)
Bracelet:  Kohls
Rings:  Kohls

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