Thursday, September 6, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - The Graphic T

I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode Blog this week for their Copy Cat Closet series.  This week the style inspiration is The Graphic T.

Basically find a graphic tank like above and style it the way you want.  I basically took the 2nd look above and did the exact same thing. 

My shirt is a Dierks Bentley tank I got years ago before at one of his concerts when he was just starting to get real famous. 

The skirt is a Nordstrom skirt that my mom just gave me yesterday.  She got it for free!  Score!

Earrings are from a friend who gave them to me for my birthday. 

I also wanted to copy the bun look.  I always have my hair in a bun but its never as voluminous as I would like.  Well just other day, I stumbled upon a video on how to use a sock to make your bun large!  Score!  So I tried it out.  It worked!  YAY!  I can't find the video but here's the how-to:

This is a great style for an unruly-curls day and, if done neatly, can make a perfect simple up-do for a bridesmaid. I stole one of my dad's socks to do this because I had no Black socks. Definitely use a dress-sock that matches your hair color.
So stinkin' easy!  I hated cutting up a sock but it is so worth it!  I can't believe how easy it is!  So anyways - that is my look with the graphic T! :)

Ok that was supposed to be the end of my post!  I wrote this on Sunday but as I was packing my stuff for the trip to Omaha today, I found another graphic T!  This was a long sleeved shirt one and I thought - maybe I can pull off the skinny jean/graphic T look also?  Here it is!

Today was the first day I've ever fit in those skinny jeans and felt comfortable in them.  And here I was thinking I was a fat blob today!  I still think my hips are a bit too large for skinny jeans but hey maybe I'll wear them out someday.  The pants are from Kohls.  Top is from a Dierks Bentley concert.  Girl loves her Dierks.  Shoes are from Kohls.  They are GORGE!  Pretty comfortable despite having a 4 inch heel.  I LOVE how these skinny jeans just float down around my shoes.  I feel so stylish! lol  I'm wearing the same earrings as the first look.  Also, did the sock bun again which fluffier hair (i.e. frizzy lmao).  Worked great! 


  1. Good looking woman

  2. You look great, I love this! I love that you did both looks, you look fabulous!! Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks for holding a fun blog link up! Love getting inspiration from your blog. :)

  3. LOVE IT girl!!!! You look sooo good! J's taking my pics tonight! I completely forgot last night! DOH! #bloggerfail

    1. Thanks girl! U look good them green jeans :)

  4. Both looks are great but I love the skinny jeans look!


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