Thursday, September 20, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Dressing up a Chambray

Linking up with MaNouvelleMode again for the weekly link up - Copy Cat Closet.  This week she dressed up a chambray shirt. 

Well I have NOTHING like that.  No skirt or top like that.  I actually like copying her looks rather than just letting it inspire me to do something else.  I almost didn't link up this week!  But I love linking up and I decided that I would figure something out.  And I did!  I took the original idea and took clothes I had so it looks somewhat similar but definitely not exact!

There was makeup and hair inspiration too but I had just got done shoving the rest of my crap in the garage (just moved) and was all sweaty and gross.  So this would have to do, haha!
I'm surprised the look came out looking ok.  I've never thought to wear my 5 inch booties with bare legs!  But it seems to look ok.  The one thing I don't like - I have no waist!  That is why I never tuck in my shirt.  I look like a box.  haha!  I really like the scarf with it.
Alright here is where everything is from:
Scarf:  Scarves Dot Net - won it from a blog
Shirt:  Old - have  no idea but probably Kohls
Skirt:  Kohls
Boots:  Kohls


  1. I LOVE this look!!!!! You did such a GREAT job! I found a look I liked too and I was so proud b/c it wasn't chambray but still pretty cute. IT WAS WAY TOO SMALL! The skirt wouldn't even close to close and the shirt looked soo gross!!! I was so disappointed last night! BOO!

  2. I think is so cute! And thanks for still participating even though you didn't have exactly what the e-mail called for. And for having more of a waist, have you tried pulling your skirt higher, to your natural waist? I mean, you might need a longer skirt, but then you cinch it with a belt and voila, there's a waist! I have the same problem, I'm not very curvy!

  3. You look great!! And props to you for still going ahead with the challenge! I really like that skirt and agree to pull it higher to accentuate the smallest part of your waist. Found you via the linkup!
    Nikki at
    Enter my giveaway for a NYFW Beauty Bag here!

  4. Kelly - Thank you! Sorry your skirt was so small. I wanted to see!

    Thanks April!

    Thanks Natalia! I'm actually really curvy but I have a looooooong torso - so I can't wear anything at my natural waist or else my butt would be showing in a skirt and I'd have super duper weggies in pants! hahaa!

    Thanks Nikki! I'll go check out your link!


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