Saturday, September 29, 2012

Macadamia Nut Chicken and Baked BACON!

So there is a recipe I found somewhere that I love and that is Macadamia Nut Chicken.  The other day I made it for the first time in a long time and people on Facebook wanted the recipe.  So I thought, I might as well take some pictures and blog about it so all my blog friends can make it and enjoy it, too!  I am also adding on how to make baked BACON!  :)  Everything is better with bacon, right?

I tend to put the chicken on a bed of lettuce afterwards and then throw crumbled up bacon on top of the chicken.  So without further ado...

Let's start with the bacon.  Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.  Put some foil on a baking sheet and put the strips of bacon on it. 

Shove it in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. 
I have discovered that this oven I now have does not cook evenly which isn't great for baking bacon.  My other stove was awesome!  But I'm still going to try to bake bacon from time to time.  So beware if your oven doesn't cook evenly.  You might have burnt ones and soggy ones at the same time!

While that is cooking, get out your ingredients.  You need a chicken breast, egg, macadamia nuts, salt, and pepper.

Put the macadamia nuts (I use maybe a half to two-thirds of a 2.25 ounce bag) and salt/pepper (whatever you think is the right amount) into a food processor like mine and grind them up.

Should look something like this:

Mix up the egg:

Take the chicken breast and slice in half.  The thinner the slices are the better but I usually just slice it once because I'm not great at slicing stuff. :)  But I think it cooks better if it is thinner.

Put the macadamia nut mixture into a bowl also.

Take out the bacon.  Put it on a paper towel covered plate with a paper towel over them to get the grease out.  I then take the bacon grease left on the baking sheet and use that for cooking the chicken in the pan.

Put the chicken in the pan.  I believe it should be on medium heat but I'm so impatient that sometimes I put it on medium high.  But of course, that will cook the macadamia crust faster than the chicken which isn't good.  Patience is a virtue!  And your friend.

I'm not sure how long it takes to cook.  10-15 minutes?  But once your crust is pretty brown, it is probably close to being done. 

Here is my chicken on top of the bed of lettuce and bacon on top!  Tada!


When I knew I was moving from Ohio to Nebraska, I knew I wanted to get rid of my big 54" box tv (bought in 2004) and upgrade to whatever everyone else has!  A nice flat screen tv.  And of course, when buying stuff, I have to get one of the best.  I also would have loved to get the biggest one too but the area above the fireplace could only fit maybe a 55" so I settled on a 50" Samsung 3D HDTV Smart TV.  I actually never wanted the 3D but Best Buy had none of the one without 3D in their warehouses anywhere.  I wanted to buy it from Best Buy because I had a credit card and I would get 3 years same as cash.  Yes, please!

So I ended up getting the 3D tv which was $100 more.  I actually, in the end, got that $100 back because of the drama (long story) when I tried to buy the non-3D tv.  So I basically got 3D for free!

So then I got all excited about it!  I had a blu-ray player but it wasn't 3D so I had to go out and buy another blu-ray player.  Also, got the movie Titanic to be the first movie I watch in 3D.  Just hooked it up today and started watching it.

It was SO crazy when I first popped in the blu-ray.  The menu screen basically popped out into my living room - it was so insane!  Like freaky almost.  Disclaimer here - I've NEVER seen 3D in the movie theaters or anywhere else for that matter.  So this was a brand new experience for me.  I was excited.

So I'm watching the movie.  It doesn't jump out a lot like the menu screen does but it was pretty cool what it did do.  I kept thinking "I wonder what Avatar would look like."  I bet its amazing.

Well an hour into the movie, I started getting a massive headache.  Noooo!!!  So I had to stop the movie, take some pills, and lay down.  An hour and a half later, I still got a slight headache.  I don't know if I can finish that movie!  I don't know if I'll be watching 3D movies in the future but I really really want to still see Avatar in 3D.  So we'll see.

Have any of you ever had issues with watching 3D?

CNET says this:

Viewing certain programs on a 3D TV can cause headaches or other ill effects in some viewers, especially over longer periods of time. In our experience, and in the opinions of most experts we've consulted, the main cause of headaches or eye fatigue isn't the 3D technology itself; it's badly produced 3D content.

Comfort is a major concern of most 3D producers. Too much of a 3D effect can become tiresome after a while, abrupt camera movement can be disorienting, and certain onscreen objects can appear blurry, for example. The best 3D movies, like Avatar, tend to use depth effects that stay close to the plane of the screen, with fewer gotcha objects that pop out or recede into the screen excessively. Even so, comfort with 3D varies widely from viewer to viewer, and one recent study found that older viewers can experience less discomfort than younger ones.

Here are some pictures of my tv if you want to check them out:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Over-sized Shirt

Today I'm linking up with MaNouvelleMode for Copy Cat Closet.  Today, we're styling an Over-Sized Shirt.  Here is the inspiration:

Here is my copy cat self:

Shirt:  Kohls
Pants:  Platos Closet (rich teens sell their clothes there haha) - BTW - these used to be my skinny jeans (when I was 30 lbs heavier).  They are now loose and comfy!  I keep forgetting that and thinking I can't fit in them! This challenge reminded me that I can wear these! :)
Shoes:  Kmart probably.  Really old - never really wear them but you never know when you need shoes like this! :)
There was a hair challenge too:

Mine didn't look quite like that but I did my best haha.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - Dressing up a Chambray

Linking up with MaNouvelleMode again for the weekly link up - Copy Cat Closet.  This week she dressed up a chambray shirt. 

Well I have NOTHING like that.  No skirt or top like that.  I actually like copying her looks rather than just letting it inspire me to do something else.  I almost didn't link up this week!  But I love linking up and I decided that I would figure something out.  And I did!  I took the original idea and took clothes I had so it looks somewhat similar but definitely not exact!

There was makeup and hair inspiration too but I had just got done shoving the rest of my crap in the garage (just moved) and was all sweaty and gross.  So this would have to do, haha!
I'm surprised the look came out looking ok.  I've never thought to wear my 5 inch booties with bare legs!  But it seems to look ok.  The one thing I don't like - I have no waist!  That is why I never tuck in my shirt.  I look like a box.  haha!  I really like the scarf with it.
Alright here is where everything is from:
Scarf:  Scarves Dot Net - won it from a blog
Shirt:  Old - have  no idea but probably Kohls
Skirt:  Kohls
Boots:  Kohls

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Link Up: What I'm Pinning Lately...

I'm linking up with Mommy Only Has 2 Hands for 'What I'm Pinning Lately'. 

What are you pinning

I'm going to show you the theme of some of my posts on Pinterest this last week.  I've been off the grid a lot for the past 2 months due to getting a new job, getting my house ready to sell, having it on the market, then moving 12 hours away to my new job.  It is nice to have internet again.  I was without it for 6 days!  Eeek!  So here we go!

My theme lately is fall.  I LOVE fall.  My favorite season.  Love everything about it.  The crisp air, the beautiful leaves, the warmer clothing, even the cool food.  Did I mention I LOVE IT??

Source: via Jovan on Pinterest
Source: via Jovan on Pinterest
Source: via Jovan on Pinterest

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Copy Cat Closet - The Graphic T

I'm linking up with Ma Nouvelle Mode Blog this week for their Copy Cat Closet series.  This week the style inspiration is The Graphic T.

Basically find a graphic tank like above and style it the way you want.  I basically took the 2nd look above and did the exact same thing. 

My shirt is a Dierks Bentley tank I got years ago before at one of his concerts when he was just starting to get real famous. 

The skirt is a Nordstrom skirt that my mom just gave me yesterday.  She got it for free!  Score!

Earrings are from a friend who gave them to me for my birthday. 

I also wanted to copy the bun look.  I always have my hair in a bun but its never as voluminous as I would like.  Well just other day, I stumbled upon a video on how to use a sock to make your bun large!  Score!  So I tried it out.  It worked!  YAY!  I can't find the video but here's the how-to:

This is a great style for an unruly-curls day and, if done neatly, can make a perfect simple up-do for a bridesmaid. I stole one of my dad's socks to do this because I had no Black socks. Definitely use a dress-sock that matches your hair color.
So stinkin' easy!  I hated cutting up a sock but it is so worth it!  I can't believe how easy it is!  So anyways - that is my look with the graphic T! :)

Ok that was supposed to be the end of my post!  I wrote this on Sunday but as I was packing my stuff for the trip to Omaha today, I found another graphic T!  This was a long sleeved shirt one and I thought - maybe I can pull off the skinny jean/graphic T look also?  Here it is!

Today was the first day I've ever fit in those skinny jeans and felt comfortable in them.  And here I was thinking I was a fat blob today!  I still think my hips are a bit too large for skinny jeans but hey maybe I'll wear them out someday.  The pants are from Kohls.  Top is from a Dierks Bentley concert.  Girl loves her Dierks.  Shoes are from Kohls.  They are GORGE!  Pretty comfortable despite having a 4 inch heel.  I LOVE how these skinny jeans just float down around my shoes.  I feel so stylish! lol  I'm wearing the same earrings as the first look.  Also, did the sock bun again which fluffier hair (i.e. frizzy lmao).  Worked great! 

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