Saturday, August 18, 2012

So I'm back home from Omaha...

And the place I chose is....

Thats all you need to know. 

LOL!  Just kidding.  Although if I ended the blog there - it would be perfectly fine because I know you all are dreaming about this huge closet as I am!  You can't see that there are deep shelves on the right there (for my gazillion shoe collection) and a WINDOW!  Now you know if there is a window, this closet is its own stinkin' room!  I LOVE IT!

Anyways, here is the floorplan:

It also comes with an attached garage that my 4Runner fits into (I made sure of that before I signed on the dotted line!).

Here is a video of my place.  It is not the actual apartment but the inside is the same.  My view will be different - a partial view of 'wetlands' as they call it in Nebraska. 

Sorry if you got dizzy.  I felt weird taking the video so I tried to just rush it.  I also thought (for a brainless moment) that you could flip video like you can pictures so the closet part of the video is sideways haha!

Coffee shop is like 1 minute WALK!  Like how perfect is that?

So cute, right?  Adorbs!!!! 

Anyways, maybe on a future blog I'll discuss how hard the decision was initially to choose this apartment but after I went and saw it for the second time and signed on the dotted line, I knew this was the place.  I was 100% confident in my decision.  Especially after finding this coffee shop.  LOL!

Yesterday was a tough day for me - probably will blog about that in a future post.  Lets just say I cannot wait until my house here in Ohio is sold and I'm in Omaha!  I'm SO ready.  And I'm so ready for that closet!!!!!


  1. I am green with jealousy over that closet! Even if we remodel, the best I can hope for is a lean-in closet. LOL

  2. Awww well maybe someday you can get your dream closet! :) This closet is gonna spoil me forever! I cannot wait to fill it with clothes and shoes! I've been living with some pretty crappy closets the last few years.

  3. I LOVE that closet too girl!!! I am SO excited for you and your new adventure!!!!!

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