Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hanging out in Omaha

So yesterday I headed out to Omaha, Nebraska for some apartment hunting since I'm moving there in a month. 

I started out way early (but later than I wanted) so I hit up the local Timmy's!

That's how you start the day out right!

So I drove to Omaha from Dayton.  Took me a little under 12 hours.  People think I'm nuts for driving.  I like driving especially in my awesome 4Runner! 

So I drove through Indiana then Illinois and then to Iowa.  I was doing pretty good for the first 7 hours.  But then part of the way through Illinois, I got super bored!  Soybeans and cornfields as far as the eye can see.

Des Moines traffic wasn't good - I hit it during rush our.  No stop and go traffic, just a lot of traffic.  The whole way I was on I-80 in Iowa, it was crazy crowded even though Iowa (to me) seems pretty desolate.  I guess maybe its a major thoroughfare.  Who knows.  I was glad to get out of Iowa and hit Omaha! 

My new building is actually there on the right. 

Another view of my new building.

I actually went to visit my new workplace this morning.  Met a few of the people there and my supervisor.  Unfortunately, while my supervisor was talking to me and another girl, my brain was elsewhere.  I had no idea where to park.  Most places said monthly/pass holders only.  I had asked beforehand and no one could tell me where to park!  So I parked in this one place and it was weird - cars weren't parking on the bottom levels.  I started to park there but then decided to go up to higher levels.  Then the spots were labeled like '505 RNB" etc.  I started flipping out!  I didn't want my car towed in a strange place while I have all these appointments.  So I asked this dude if these spots reserved and he said yes but I think there are some unreserved spots higher.  They still had numbers on them but I went to the highest level and crossed my fingers.  So then I go to see my new office and I'm flipping out the whole time about if my car is going to get towed.  NOT fun.  I had no idea what my boss said.  I also had NO idea how to pay for parking (if my car wasn't towed at this point).  So anyways, I eventually said I might get towed to my boss and so he shooed me out.  He had no idea about parking or where to pay.  Nice.  So I go and I finally find the place you pay (some kiosk on the other side of where I parked on the ground floor).  Ok, one thing down one to go.  I go up to the 7th floor and my car is still there! YAY! 

So anyways, I must say - when I first got to Omaha last night, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was.  I'm used to downtown Dayton.  This was so modern and spacious and beautiful.  There were runners running downtown!  No way in heck would I do that in downtown Dayton!

I've definitely noticed quite a few younger folks here.  That is probably due to the zillion colleges around here and big businesses like Union Pacific Railroad.  I feel SO safe here.  It is a weird feeling to feel that safe!! 

Ok, so where did I stay when I got to Omaha?  Residence Inn.  I was nervous its too close to town but like I said, I feel super safe here.  I picked Residence Inn because they have free dinner Mon-Weds plus you can accumulate points that go towards stuff.  I already have 15,000 points for when I worked at DCAA, so its nice to accumulate more.

You will not believe my hotel!  AMAZING.  It is like an apartment! 

Me after the almost 12 hour drive.

So today I had to drive around to work and some apartments.  I noticed a few things about driving in Omaha.

First of all, there aren't any slowpokes really.  Its AWESOME!  Second, they have no lines at the lights sometimes which is weird.  I keep wondering where exactly I should stop LOL!  Then the last thing is, there is this middle lane which looks like a turn lane (in Ohio) but is actually a third lane that opens up for certain directions of traffic depending on what time of the day it is.  And I guess you can't turn left anywhere there is that lane.  To accommodate that, they have this right lane that curves around that has its own light so you can turn left.  Weirdness!  Here is a truck in one of those lanes.

I must admit - these lanes sure do make traffic go continuously.  I drove rush hour on this main road to downtown and we were all going the same fast speed.  And all the lights were green for miles.  SO weird. 

So after I was done with work, I went to my first apartment showing.  I was hesitant about this one due to the fact it was so close to downtown (10 minutes to work - all highway).  But heck, I'd live in downtown, I feel so safe there.  I checked out the neighborhood after and it looks like a Kettering neighborhood so its all good. 

So they ended up not having the apartment I wanted (with the attached garage).  But I went and saw the 1 bedroom anyways.  She also mentioned another 1 bedroom with a den that had just opened up.  So I went to check it out.  Here are some pics of the apartment complex and the floor plan of the second apartment I checked out.

Front of the apartment complex

The apartment I liked is on the end (on the left) top

Here is the layout.  Love that it has a den, nice sized patio, garden tub, huge closet, and granite!

I am able to get a detached garage also.  I think my main reason for getting an attached garage is to feel safe but I feel really safe there anyways so a detached works.  I need a garage to protect my car from the elements plus to store some stuff.

I then went to another apartment complex (20 minutes from work) and I was less than impressed.  The apartment with attached garage overlooking the lake was no longer available.  Nice.  They showed me some others but the apartments gave me that grimy feeling.  The carpet on the stairs etc looked old and the apartment didn't look new.  So scratch that off my list.

I have two others to look at the next couple of days but they're 25-30 minutes from work so the one I saw today might be the one I get.  I would love a short drive like that!  I liked that place so much I immediately drove back to the apartment to put a hold on it (no money will be lost if I cancel by the time I leave).  Right when I was filling out the paperwork, this girl with her mom comes in and says she wants a 1 bedroom apartment.  THANK GOODNESS I CAME BACK AND PUT A HOLD ON IT!  Whew, dodged that bullet. 

The thing I really like about it is that it is an end unit.  No one above or beside me.  Super sweet!

So that was my day.  Busy busy.

I also had a showing today in Ohio but I guess nothing major happened considering my realtor hasn't called me. 

Anyways, I'll leave you with this.  Check out this hill by those apartments!  Can you say hill marathon training? LOL!

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  1. Girl I LOVE that apartment!! And it's so close to work!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hear what else you see and if you like anything else better but this one seems awesome!


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