Sunday, August 19, 2012

Had a showing today...

So today I had a showing at 10am.  So while that was going on, I decided to go shopping at Kohls.  Stumbled upon the shoe department and I got sucked into buying some shoes.  Check 'em out below:


I like that they have straps because a lot of shoes tend to be too large in the heel area and my feet come out.  So having the straps helps a lot.  And yes, I could go buy some stuff to put in the heels but I shouldn't have to do that.  Anyways - they're beautiful.  Have to fill up my new MASSIVE closet in my new apartment in Omaha with shoes!  Check it out again:

Anyways, so then I hit Starbucks.  As I'm driving home, my realtor calls me.  Tells me about the showing.  The buyer (who is in his 60s) did not like my countertops.  What?  Would he rather have the light pink ones that were there when I bought it?  Check out before/after:

I guess older folks don't care for it?  Can't please everyone I guess.  Well regardless my realtor said the buyer wanted to know about the utility costs and he was talking about what he would do to the yard if he bought it etc.  So he was envisioning himself there so my realtor said that was a good sign.  So we'll see.  Cross your fingers guys!

Also, I wanted to talk about why I was so upset on Friday.  I was so happy driving home from Omaha because I found my apartment I wanted (check out my blog HERE about it).  Then my realtor calls me while I'm halfway home.  Apparently him and every buyer who has seen the house (and another realtor) said it smelled.  No one could say was the smell was.  I never smelled anything but I'm used to the house.  So apparently, the smell turned off EVERY buyer.  I was so upset!!!!!  Why didn't the realtor tell me this 3 weeks before when he was in my house checking it out?!!!! 

So I cried all the way home basically.  When I got home, I walked in the front door to see if I could smell the smell.  The smell did hit me right in the face.  It was PAINT!!!!  It smelled weird but that was definitely the paint smell because I spent a week before putting it on the market painting my butt off!  Buyers were turned off by paint?  Realtors didn't know what PAINT smelled like?  I was BEYOND mad.  So I cried some more and more and more!  I never aired out my house because it was like 100 degrees out plus my allergies are super bad.  So I've been airing out my house completely since Friday plus had a candle burning.

So when the realtor stopped by today he said he couldn't smell the smell anymore and the buyer didn't say anything so problem solved.  But I'm still airing it out and burning candles just in case. 

Today at Kohls I decided to buy three more candles.  I bought fall foliage, autumn harvest, and pumpkin spice scents.  Can you tell what my favorite season is? 

Smells AWESOME in here. 


  1. LOVE the shoes! That buyer is OLD...only excuse for him preferring pink counertops! AND...i LOVE FALL! I need to get out my fall candles ASAP! Now, to find them...

  2. Thanks girl! I wore them today with my new size 7 dress pants. The shoes are like 4 inches! I had no idea. I try to not go too high with the heel anymore but they were fine to walk in and stuff. And they're beautiful! Yeah I don't get that old guy - weird! Yes, u need to get out them candles! LOVE fall too!


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