Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Forgot to wear deodorant today!

Yup, I forgot to put on deodorant (and perfume) before I left the house.

Yep - didn't really wanna deal with the above situation today!  Thankfully I'm crazy to the extent that I have to be prepared for any possible situation.  I had deodorant at work.  Whew.  Saved by my craziness.

And why did I forget to put on deodorant?  Because of this house!  My brain does not function until later in the day, so rushing around it just slipped my mind.  Now that my house is for sale, I have to do extra stuff in the morning like:

1.  Making my bed in the most perfect way possible like you see in the department stores.
2.  Put away my fan.
3.  Put away my air purifier.
4.  Shut my closet doors.
5.  Put away any makeup, hair stuff, and dirty clothes/towels. 
6.  Open up the curtains so the light casts the best possible view of the rooms.
7.  Get any clothes/jewelry/etc. (stored in my garage) that I might want to wear that day.

PLUS I have to do everything else I normally do.  So of course stuff is going to slip my mind.  It is just funny how selling your house can affect every area of your life, even the tiny ones. 

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha!! Oh girl that is SO something I would do!!! LOLOL!!! I LOVE that photo!!! Hahaha!


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