Saturday, July 7, 2012


So today I was supposed to volunteer at the Vectren Air Show.  I signed up to volunteer just to help out and get me out of the house.  Well, I ended up not volunteering. 

Let me first start out by saying that I don't think I've had one good volunteering experience yet.  I've volunteered a few times now.

My first volunteer experience was with a group of co-workers.  We basically worked a food stand at a University of Dayton basketball game.  We were raising money for our work picnic and we got to keep a portion of the proceeds.  It was fun working with my co-workers but we also had to deal with the normal food workers.  They basically bossed us around like we were beneath them.  Made me feel like crap and I couldn't wait to get out of there!  I will never volunteer for that again.  I don't know what made them treat us like that.  But it left a bad taste in my mouth.  We raised a bunch of money though - maybe around $600?  Or more? 

The next time I volunteered was at the tax center on base.  We went to class to learn how to do taxes.  I was excited to do this because I loved tax classes when I was in college.  Well, then came the real stuff.  I had these military people come in and expected me to know everything about the tax law.  I never felt like I did it right and felt like I was bugging the head tax guy there too much.  I eventually just stopped after a while.  I didn't feel like I was helping anyways.

Then one winter I decided to help out a local trail race.  I got there and felt like an idiot from the very beginning.  The other volunteers acted like why are you here, we don't need you.  I worked the cash register and after I was done with that (and the race started) I was sort of standing around and no one told me to do anything so I just walked away.  Felt like crap after that one too.  I felt pretty much useless and unwanted! 

Based on those volunteer experiences, I never feel good volunteering.  They always seem very unorganized and I end up feeling like crap for whatever reason. 

But I guess I'm a glutton for punishment.  I keep thinking the next volunteer opportunity will be better.

I signed up for the Tattoo Air Force Festival last weekend working the merchandise booth.  Well, a big ol' derecho moved in and destroyed a lot of stuff there so I ended up not volunteering there.

This weekend I signed up to volunteer for the air show.  I was working from 7am-1230pm.  Was going to be a high of 108!!!

But I've run in the 90 degree weather so I can stand around and served beer in 108 degree weather, right?  At least that's what I was thinking.  And then I couldn't sleep in so that bummed me out but I was able to get up.

So I drove 30 minutes there.  I parked.  Took a picture of the area when I parked.

You can see some of the stuff in the background.

So the people who I was volunteering for were supposed to be at the gate and inside the grounds.  There was just a grumpy old man checking our vendor passes.  Ok, I said to myself, I'm sure there will be a volunteer check in on the grounds.  But there wasn't!  There wasn't anything!  There were tents set up for food etc. but not a lot of people around and no one who would know to ask.  No vendor/volunteer check in.  NOTHING!  What kind of operation is this?  So I decided I'm not going to give up.  I walked approximately half the long aisle where everything is set up and then turned around.  It was a long way I walked and couldn't find crap.  So I gave up.  I wanted this to be a good experience and help out and it didn't happen.  I drove 30 minutes for nothing.  So I basically walked to my car and left.  Here are a couple pictures I took on my way back.

Have you ever had a bad volunteer experience?  A good one?  I'd love to hear about them.

So here I was at 7:30 am at this point.  I decided to go ahead and run some errands.  Hit up Krogers, then Tim Horton's for an EXTRA large coffee.


Love coffee!  Then I decided on a whim to get a car wash.  I haven't had a car wash in months.  It was time.  I go thru the automated one where you just swipe your credit card.  I love it!  Unfortunately, I forgot to take off my 26.2 magnet and so I guess it came off there.  I'm too lazy to go back and find it.  Just an excuse to go get another one at the AF Marathon Expo! ;)  Here are some cool pics from the car wash.  Yes, I'm a dork! haha!


  1. What the heck???? Who organizes these things? How aweful!!!!! OMG!!!! I am so sorry! That is terrible!!! WOW! I am floored about your experiance!!!

  2. I dunno! I wish they would be more organized or something. I'm signed up to volunteer at the AF marathon so hopefully that will run smoothly. Guess we'll find out.


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