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Running isn't cheap

Running ain't isn't cheap.

In the beginning of being lured into running, you think ‘oh, this is the cheapest form of exercise.’  Bwahahahaa.  You thought wrong.
I’m  here to list out all the expenses that go into running and I’m not talking about the elite runners.  I’m talking about normal runners like me and you.
Here we go:
Running shoes:  at least $100 until you need a new pair which I think they say is every 300-500 miles.  Of course, this girl here does no such thing.  I buy a new pair every time I find a cute pair!  I don’t wear these bright pink shoes just for their excellent shoe abilities.  Haha!

Trail shoes:  $100 – you might need these if you want to run the trails.  I get really bored with the bike trails and run on the dirt trails nearby.  I think regular running shoes would still be ok but hey – its always a great excuse to buy some more cute shoes.


Clothes:  Unknown expense – You need shirts, shorts, capris, long pants, socks, and sports bras.  And if you buy the expensive stuff, that is a lot of money.  If you buy the cheap stuff, you end up getting frustrated, probably donate it to goodwill, then end up buying the expensive stuff.  $$$$$$
So after work, you go out on a run.  So not only have you worn your regular clothes that day, you wear your running clothes.  That adds up if you do this several times a week.  Plus I use a towel to dry my sweat and a towel to put on my car seat (don’t like sweat on my leather).   After I run, I take a shower.  So then I put on another set of clothes.  That is three outfits in one day!  Two extra sets of clothes every day I workout.  That is a lot of clothes!

So that’s more laundry.  And more laundry to put away – annoying!
Washing/Drying all that extra clothes:  $$$$ Higher water bill/Higher gas bill/Higher electric bill

Taking an extra shower a day:  $$$$ Higher water bill/Higher gas bill
Dream Shower. What better feeling than coming back to a beautiful and cozy home. Get inspired! #home #decor #AmplifyBuzz

(Yeah, I wish I had a shower like that haha!)

So what are you running for?  To train for a marathon (like I am)?
AF Marathon race entry fee:  $75

This is obviously a picture of money. This relates to the book because Jason is given money from both his parents to either make him forget about their mistakes, or look better than the other parent.
If you run a marathon, you should train.  So to train to run the long runs, you have to have ‘gear.’
A water bottle with pocket:  $20?

I need this handheld running water bottle
I have one similar to this - can hold my keyfab.

A belt to hold your stuff?  $25
I never thought I would be looking for a fanny pack and not as a joke... It's a running belt.. running belt, people.

I actually bought this the other day from   It fits my phone (although barely - I have a Samsung something with a keyboard so its probably a miracle it fits).  I got the double (as shown above) so in one pocket I can put my phone and the other my keyfab.  It is also waterproof.  I did not get the pink one (I know you are totally shocked considering my shoes are pink!).  I got the black one. 


A Camelbak:  $30-$100+

Mine isn't that cool but you get the idea. 


Gas $$ to get to the bike path/trail:  $$$$$
Vintage Gulf Gasoline Pump #1 by The Upstairs Room, via Flickr

Man, I remember those gas pumps.  Am I showing my age? 


Oh  wait, while you’re training – you get the bright idea to sign up for races in between the race you’re training for.
Other races entry fee:  $100-$200

Gas to get to those races and the AF Marathon race:  $$$$$
Running magazines you get sucked into buying:  $50

Pictures of you from the race:  $50 (or more if you decide to get the life size poster as I did LOL!)

Yes, that is a poster size picture of me at the Mudathlon 2011 in my office cube.  Gotta love it!

Headbands to keep your hair back:  $20


Sunglasses/Hats:  $50 (I’ve kept this at $0 – not fond of hats but have a couple I got free and definitely don’t care to have a nice farmer’s tan on my face from sunglasses)
Supplements:  $50 – This could vary depending on what you want to buy.

Food:  $$$$  Sorry, but the more you exercise, the more famished you get.  At least  that happens to me.  Expect your grocery bill to go sky high. 

Duffle Bag:  $20 to carry all your running clothes etc in.
Sunscreen:  $5-20 – for the good stuff.  I like the spray on.  I don’t wear it to not get sunburnt.  I wear it because it seems to block the heat which helps on those afternoon runs.

Body Glide:  $10 – A must when running those longer distances. 
BodyGlide For Her Anti-Chafe Balm I've always had thick legs - I've been an athlete since I was 5 (now I'm 22). My thighs rub together when I walk or run. In the heat, this gets very bad and I get a terrible rash. I've read great reviews about this and am going to try it out soon. I sincerely hope I've finally found the cure.

Electrolytes/GU/Water or anything else you use during/after the run:  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Hotel/Gas:  $$$$  If you go out of state for a race.

Garmin or other GPS watches:  up to $300 or so

Endless coffee stops afterward runs/races as a special treat:  $$$

Medal hanger for all your medals:  $40?
Shadowbox for your most awesome medal:  $200

Random, impulsive purchases at the race expos:  $200

26.2 Necklace I got an the last AF Marathon Expo.  I love it!!!
Gas to go to the expos/packet pickups:  $$$$$
Razor/Shaving cream to shave your legs when you otherwise wouldn’t have to but do because you’re wearing running shorts:  $20

Ipod:  $100

Music for the Ipod:  $25
Treadmill:  $1,000
Nordic Track Treadmill  walk with google maps elevations  very cool
Mine is similar to this - a Nordic Track.  Which I don't really use anymore because I get so BORED on it.  I only run outside now. 


Ok, this list is ridiculous!  I think its interesting how pricey it really can get once you get into this running thing. 


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