Tuesday, July 31, 2012

House For Sale

House For Sale!

So I know you guys have all missed me on the blogisphere right? LOL  Where have I been, you ask?  Fixing up my house in a week to sell!

It has been completely and totally nuts.  Last week was one of the most stressful times of my life.  Got to my breaking point on Saturday but I think I’m over that hump.  Today was pretty hard too.  One thing after another and then to top it all off, a roach in my coffee!  Yes, I said a roach.  Here at the base, we have a roach problem.  Guess it was only a matter of time.  GROSS!

So anyways, I met with the realtor yesterday to discuss the price.  I did not want the price too high because I need to sell fast so we settled on $127k.  Less than what I owe and way less than what I bought it for.  I never thought I would get what I owe anyways in this crazy awful market.  Especially when there was a foreclosure on my street ($95k) and another house that just sold for $125k and has an extra screen patio I don’t have.

I have to be realistic.  I will be happy if I get anywhere near that number for sure. 

Here are some pics of the rooms I took this weekend.  I ‘staged’ it so to speak aka decluttered.  I think I watch too many HGTV shows haha!

This picture was taken in the midst of the painting of the living room.  That is my massive (expensive) ladder on the right.  Ya gotta have one of them if you have cathedral ceilings.

The sign!  It is official.  Although, I have NO idea why it says price reduced.  Maybe because I reduced it from what I bought it for?  Someone on facebook said that people like good deals so maybe the realtor did it on purpose.  Anyways, the sign makes this process SO real!


2nd Bathroom

My deck


Another Front View


Another Kitchen View

Living/Dining Room

Another Living/Dining Room View


I'm going to try my hardest to blog about the whole selling your house process because I know I would LOVE to have this information right now.  So if I can help anyone else out, great.

So far the realtor and I had talked about the price and then I signed a few papers.  Easy as that.  Then he came over today to put the sign out in my yard (and at the end of the street) and put a lock box on.  Apparently, there is a number on the sign the realtors can call to get my number.  If they want a showing, they call me and ask if it is okay to show it between such and such time.  The realtor says normally people don't stay for more than 15 minutes but if they like it they will stay maybe 45 minutes.  The longer the better he said.  Now I gotta figure out what to do during that time.  The professional photographer is coming over on Sunday to take pics.  In the meantime, I gave the realtor pictures I've taken so he can put that up on sites like realtor.com.  I know as a buyer, the first thing I check for is photos.  If there are none, NEXT!  So I was adamant we not wait a whole week to get pictures up!  Sometimes, you gotta take your life in your own hands, you know?

Will update as things go on.
And cross your fingers guys that I sell fast and don’t lose too much money. 


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