Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mid-week semi long run

So as you all know, I'm training for the Air Force Marathon.  Today was my mid week training run of 5 miles.  Unfortunately, it is extremely hot here in Ohio.

But who cares...I'm gonna rock it!  Well at least try to get through it.  So after I changed, look what I found on the ground heads up!

Sweet!  My lucky day.  I haven't found one heads up in FOREVER!

So here I am about to run 5 miles in 91 degrees with the sun ablazin'. 

I totally looked thrilled, eh?  Just a bit of hesitation as you can see.

But guess what?  I got my magic shoes on!

These shoes will take me ANYWHERE!  (Sounding like Forrest Gump - btw LOVE that movie!)

I call them my magic shoes because right after I got them, I PR'd at a 5k by almost 2 minutes.  I hadn't PR'd at any race in YEARS.  They are so cute, aren't they?  Yup, I totally buy stuff just for the looks.  One more thing to help motivate me to get out there. 

And here I am after the run.

Hey, this ain't a beauty pageant!  You ain't running till you got veins popping out of your head and sweat dripping like its pouring rain. 

So I did end up running all but maybe .5 miles of the run.  Typically if its hot like that, I get the chills and thats a signal to stop running and chill for a bit.  But sometimes I can get my mojo back and start running again and that happened today YAY. 

By the way, do you guys read Skinny Runner?  The girl is HILARIOUS!!!!  Not to mention I would die for her legs.  PERFECT legs.  You should totally subscribe if you're a runner and you like funny people.  She cracks me up every day! 


  1. GO Jovan!!! I am so proud of you girl!!!! You look HOT after a run like that? As in cute? I mean how do you manage that? You go!

  2. Thanks girl! HOT? Cute? lol I dunno about all that haha! But thanks girl! Glad I don't look like an ogre lmao!


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