Sunday, June 17, 2012

Latest runs...

I'm going to update you on a few runs I've done within the last week or so.  I was planning on signing up for a 50k in September but I have decided against it after a trail run last Friday.  It was just terrible.  The loop was 7 miles.  I thought I was lost even though I kept following the markers.  I didn't bring enough water at all.  I swear I thought I saw a zebra at one point chillin' but it was a tree!  LOL!  And that was early on in my run.  The trail just seemed to go on and on and on.  There were about a zillion steep hills also.  I am not fit enough to be doing that many hills so I actually had to stop a few times to catch my breath.  Now if I was training for a 50k, I would have to do this 7 mile loop FOUR times in a row.  NO way.  So there goes that dream. 

The next day I had a 5k race (Sisca 5k).  It was pretty hot and my first race in 8 months?  Here's a picture of me at the finish line. 

Hope I don't blind you with my pasty white legs! LOL!  I tried not to really push it in this race.  I didn't expect to PR and probably never will again at a 5k.  Within the first 1/2 mile, my shoelace came untied!  I swore I double knotted it but I guess not or not very good.  So maybe I would have done a minute better if that hadn't of happened.  With that, the heat, and me just not trying my hardest, it wasn't my best time at all but I'm ok with it!  I actually was passing people which is unusual for me!  Felt good.  The race was also in my old turf (when I was a kiddo) so it was pretty cool!  Memories of walking around with my friends Kelli and Kelly.  Good times!

Did my 3/5/3 miles during the week from hell.  Don't know how I managed to get them in with the kind of week I was having.  Emotionally draining 3 days out of the 5 days for various reasons.  Hoping next week will be better. 

Did my 12 mile long run yesterday.

It is getting hot here in Ohio again (in fact it will be in the 90s I think all next week).  I absolutely hate getting up early on the weekends.  I want to be able to sleep in till I naturally wake up.  I had originally started training with just going on my long run whenever I woke up.  Well that was not working because I would be running in the heat and wouldn't be able to keep running and would have to walk.  So this Saturday I was bound and determined to get out there before the sun even rose.  Well some annoyance, I was somehow able to get up and get out there by 6am.  It was dusk but light enough to see.  And it was already 70 degrees - YUCK.  But better than the 80s.

So I brought along my camelback.  Had it full of ice water and brought some pemmican for nutrition just in case.  I have a half marathon race coming up next Saturday.  I do not know if I'm prepared to run it on just water.  I know I've done it before but I wanted to see if my body was ok no nutrition.  While I was running, I decided to test something else out - kiddos don't try this at home.  I have a problem with the combo of heat, running, and drinking water.  If it is the slightest bit hot and I drink, the water just sits in my stomach.  I have not been able to figure out how to fix it.  Have tried salt tablets but nothing works.  I don't do sports drinks because they make me nauseous.  The water sitting in my stomach  makes me VERY nauseous so therefore I end up walking.  That is beyond annoying because I just want to get the long run over with!  Anyways, so I decided to see how long I could go before drinking water.  I went till the last 1/2 mile (11.5 miles) before I drank anything!  I think around the 10th mile I was getting parched and the 'dehydration' headache set in.  But I ran the WHOLE way!!!!  Charles Washington (zero carb guru) says that he doesn't drink or eat during a run because it makes him sick so maybe I'm the same way.  I also did not eat at all during the run so that means I'm prepared to run the half marathon without nutrition.  Feels good! 

I ended up getting done with the run around 830!  Felt great to have the rest of the day to just bum around!  Maybe that will help me get up early the rest of the long runs!


  1. OOOH, have you tried hydrating with Nuun like mileposts recomments? That might help you absorb some of that water BEFORE your run so you don't get dehydrated?

  2. Nuun is good and all but it bloats me BAD. So no more.


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