Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heights Half Marathon Recap

So today was the day to run the Heights Half Marathon up in Huber Heights, OH.  I was nervous about this one because there were some hills.  If you don't know already, I despise hills!  Any hills!  But I would soon learn that the hills were the least of my worries.  Met up with some co-workers who were also doing the half marathon.

I'm glad I wore that loose tank top.  Because it was gonna be hotter than I thought. 

So this race wasn't heavily advertised so there were only like 124 of us I believe.  I figured I'd be alone for most of the race since normally the 'faster' runners run these small races.  And I was right.  I was pretty much by myself by the 2nd mile.  The run was through the Huber Heights clone houses neighborhoods, then ran along Old Troy Pike, then down a long road where new houses 'should' have been built but probably weren't due to the housing crisis.  Then we turn around and go back the same way.  NO shade except for one or two trees in the neighborhoods.

I felt pretty good in the beginning.  I wasn't thinking at all and drank some at the first two or three waters tops (they had lots of them so that was great).  I drank because it seemed a bit hotter than I thought it was gonna be.  Forgetting about ALL the stomach problems I get if I drink and its hot.  DUH!  So the water start sloshing around a bit (even though I did drink - I took just a mouthful each time).  So it wasn't too bad.  But I decided to not drink anymore water at this point for a while. 

So I was alone running and I'd come up to the water stops and they'd try to give me water and I'd have to say no thanks.  I felt soooo bad! lol  I'm sure they didn't care but I felt uber uncomfortable for whatever reason. 

I got to the halfway mark at 1:13.  Disappointing for sure but I had decided when I started this race that I didn't care about my time and this was just a training run.  Still irked me but I trudged on.  I still felt good at this point and thought, I'm going to get a negative split - which is pretty much not ever gonna happen but a girl can dream and be delusional, can't she?  Hahaha.

So I turn around and there are NOT many people behind me.  In fact if it tells you anything, I finished 111 out of 124!  Anyways, I figured at least I'm ahead of some folks.  So I think I get to the 10th mile and I'm spent.  I definitely am thirsty as heck.  So I threw caution to the wind.  I gulped down a huge thing of water.  BAD IDEA!

And I gulped more at the next place.  SLOSH SLOSH SLOSH.  And it also makes me nauseated.  So I thought - at the next water place, if they have gatorade I'm going to drink it because I assumed it would trigger my digestive system to freakin' work!  BAD IDEA!

Are you seeing a trend her?  hahaha  That blazin' sun fried my brain.  Yup, I started to get EXTREMELY nauseated.  I knew that gatorade makes me super ill but I did it anyways.  So the last 2 miles were torture.  I finished strong though.  One of my co-workers was there rootin' me on!  Love that!  So my finish time was 2:34.  Not a PR by any stretch of the imagination (my PR from years ago was 2:19).  But I was glad it was OVER with.  I thought all my troubles were done.  BWwhwhwhahahaa

So I go over to the refreshments, they just had oranges and apples left (thats what the slow peeps get haha).  But Tim Horton's was a sponsor and they still had coffee left!  YAY!  Don't be jealous lol!

So I got me a coffee and heading to my car.  I started to get really sick.  Like almost gonna barf everywhere sick.  I've never been that sick after a race EVER.  I'm gonna blame it on the Gatorade.  Who knows what it was.  The heat?  The gallon of water in my belly?  Anyways, so I sat in car trying to cool myself down for 10-20 minutes ready to barf all over my steering wheel.  I wanted to leave but I didn't feel like I could actually drive.  I was that sick and out of it.  But I couldn't sit in my car forever so I left feeling like that.  Oh and at this point, I tried everything - eating, drinking water, drinking pedalite, but nothing was helping.  So I started home.  I was still OUT of it.  Maybe it was the heat?  I took all my crap out of my cooler bag fully expecting to pull over on the side of the road and barf.  While I was taking crap out of that bag, I decided to use the dry ice stuff and put it on my face/neck to see if that helped.  I was fine 5 minutes later so I wonder.  So I was able to get back home safe and sound.

Here is a picture of my medal:

I thought it was pretty cool to run an inaugural half marathon. 

Here I am after the race.  I know - I look a hot mess!  Got me some new freckles from that blazin' sun tho!

I have no idea how I took that picture while being sick like that. 

By the way, I have a lot of digestive problems so using 'electrolyte' things like gatorade, nuun, pedialite, ETC. give me a lot of issues in different ways.  So I do not want any advice on this subject.  Thanks!

Just as a random sidenote, check out my cool new flip flops!  I would have taken a picture with my feet in them but my toenails aren't painted real well right now.  :)

So anyways, this race was a realization that the Air Force Marathon could be brutal if it is a hot.  I'm hoping its not.  But I think what is great about the AF Marathon is the crowd support.  There is a lot of it and I prefer that over a person here or there.  It can motivate you for sure.  So hopefully that will carry me through.


  1. Those flip flops are SO cool!!! Love them! Girl i am so proud of you for trudging on !!!! So proud!!!! WOW! You give me inspiration to keep going!

  2. Thanks girl! Kohls has those flip flops - they actually have a ton of cheap ones like that over by the socks and stuff. Yeah, you sometimes really have to push yourself at the end. And if I really think about it, I didn't run/workout for 7 months and then start training for only a month and ran it. So honestly, I didn't do too bad for the amount of time I had to prepare. And all that really counts is I finshed! YAY! Wish you were there girl!

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