Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today I have officially lost 30lbs!

Wow, such a moment for me!  My goal wasn't even to get to 30lbs but if I can keep going, great!  I started out at 143lbs almost 2 years ago and am now 113lbs.  Sounds like a long time but I definitely had some hiccups along the way (i.e. dang candy dishes at work! lol).

At 143lbs:

Here's a pic of me at 114 (I'm 113 now tho lol):

So its a great day! 

I'm not comfortable yet explaining on my blog how I lost the weight because people can't believe their ears or are super critical/judgmental.  Maybe someday I will on this blog but not today.


  1. Congratulations on losing the weight. I have been very heavy, and I have lost 15lbs since March. I have not lost or gained weight in almost 30 years. So hopefully, we can both keep going.

  2. Thanks Roberta! And Congrats to you too! 15lbs is a me I know. Heck 1lb is a lot. :)

  3. Good job girl! I know it's been a long road getting healthier and figuring out the crazy stuff going on and you persevered and I am so proud!


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