Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Hope everyone is having a fun and relaxing weekend.  This post is a hodge podge of random stuff.

First, I wanted to start out with showing you guys my new scarves.  I think between reading blogs and pinterest, I have become obsessed with scarves even though I have NO idea on how to really wear them.  I bought this first one yesterday at Krogers to go along with this holiday weekend (and 4th of July when it comes around) and the next scarf I'm showing you is one I won from a blog. 

I'm totally rocking this scarf!  Don't mind the 'no makeup' look hahaha  Only $4.99 at Krogers.

This scarf I won from a blog and the scarf is from Scarves Dot Net.  I believe it was $11.99.  Not a bad price.  Now I just gotta learn how to wear it correctly.  :)
So what is everyone doing this Memorial Day Weekend?  I'm mostly just getting my house in order.  But yesterday I was invited to a Mary Kay party held by my good friend Kelly (Houtz House Party Blog).  Her friend Amber was the consultant giving us the scoop on some Mary Kay products.  It was SO great to see Kelly again and I miss her so much!  So anyways, we learned some stuff about skin and even eye mites!  Gross!  haha!  She talked about some of the perks of being a Mary Kay consultant including getting a PINK Cadillac.  I sure would love a Cadillac again lol!  But nah, I definitely don't have the personality for it (in my opinion) but I'm sure its a great opportunity for others.  So I ended up buying some stuff I really liked:  moisturizer (I always am searching for a great moisturizer), waterproof mascara, and lip mask and balm shown below:

Would you like to try their products?  You can go to this website and order HERE.

Before I left, I had to get a picture of me and my girl, Kelly.  Miss her soo much!!!

Had to get a full body picture to show off my shoes I LOVE!  Got those at Kohls.  Only $22.99 with 30% off coupon.  GORGEOUS!  And they're flats so they are ultra comfy.  Also, Kelly is wearing the Old Navy shorts she got free!

I am a part of Crowdtap which is a site where you do quick surveys and also you can be a part of campaigns for free stuff, like these shorts!  They sent me coupons - one for me and one for a friend to use for a FREE pair of shorts.  That ROCKS!  I actually went there and bought 3 pair of shorts.  haha!  I couldn't help myself.  Here are the ones I got free:

Mine are the same as Kelly's except hers are pink/beige and mine are navy blue/green/purple.  Want to sign up to be a part of Crowdtap?  Sign up HERE.

So I had to drive in the country to get to and from Kelly's party.  Absolutely LOVE it.  Reminds me of being a kid in Kentucky.

This is me (age 3?) in Kentucky when we lived in the country.  Happy HAPPY times. 

I always want to be in the atmosphere of happy times so driving through the country really pulls me back in.  I have decided that if I'm still in Dayton in the future and I get a promotion and save money, I will live in the country in the northern counties of the county I live in.  I don't care if I have to drive 45 minutes to work.  Just driving on country roads relaxes me. 

Check out what I had to pass on my way home.  AWESOME! LOL  Its the little things in life, eh?

Before I got I also wanted to mention a big giveaway I'm a apart of coming up on Wednesday May 30th.  You can win a $100 Amazon GC, $50 Victoria's Secret GC, AND a $50 Target/Walmart GC!  That would be a huge win for someone!  So be on the lookout!

Happy Memorial Day!


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  1. Yay!!! Thanks for the shout out girl!!! I'm going to share your blog post on Amber's FB as well. i KNOW she'll appreciate the shout out too!! I miss you SO much girl! It was FANTASTIC seeing you on Saturday! LOVE YOU!


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