Sunday, April 22, 2012

US Wellness Meats

Has anyone heard of US Wellness Meats?  They're a farm/company where you can get meat (and other things) that come from humanely raised animals.  The main reason I buy there is because they have grass-fed beef.  My diet consists of mainly meat and so I want the best meat out there so I go to them.  They have all kinds of stuff!  I just got this delivery on Thursday of 15lbs of beef, 1.5lbs of SUGAR FREE bacon (consists of only pork and salt), and a grass fed cow knuckle bone (for my bone broth where you can see the recipe I followed HERE).  I also like to buy pemmican which I use as a snack. 

You can sign up for their newsletter HERE. They come out every Sunday and talk about their farm, have doctors give advice, give recipes, and even offer a 15% every now and again. 

My package of meat

The 1.5lb of bacon.  Which was consumed entirely this weekend because my friends LOVE BACON!

Here are some pictures from their latest newsletter. 

April Grazing

Cows grazing

April Grazing

More cows grazing. :)

By the way, there is a giveaway at Nom Nom Paleo for 9lbs of the sugar free bacon I was talking about!  Click HERE.

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