Monday, April 30, 2012

To run or not to run...that is the question...

So I'm contemplating running the 2012 Air Force Marathon.

A little backstory:

I started running a gazillion years ago (maybe in 2001/2002) with my co-workers/friends Kelly (HoutzHouseParty) and Belinda. Basically I ran for exercise. That is it. Fast forward to 2007. I lived in Columbus, OH and was pretty much on my own up there. So I tried to be more involved with new things. My friend Karen at the time signed her and I up for a half marathon because it was free through our work. I had NO idea what a half marathon was. She told me she thought it was a 5k. So I looked up what a 5k was. 3.1 biggie. Although the farthest I probably ran at the time was 2 miles. I can run 3.1. I think maybe a week before race day I found out how many miles it really was. Not 3.1. 13.1 miles! YIKES! We did it anyways! We jogged most of it and my knees were killing me around the 10th mile. But we finished! 

And I was hooked for the next 4 years.

I ran several 5ks, 10ks, other races, and approximately 7 half marathons. I also attempted my first marathon in 2009 (Air Force Marathon). 2011 was my biggest year yet. In a month's span, I ran two marathons (Air Force and Columbus) and did my best 5k time by 2 minutes. But I was done. Over it. Tired. Still am. I had an obligation to run the Tough Mudder in November so I tried - stopped after 3 miles. It was just brutal. I have not run a lick since then. No exercise at all except for a couple of wallyball games in January.

For me, life is just easier when I don't run. Not to mention I have more energy. Running takes a toll out on me. It just does. And the fact that I am on a schedule drives me nuts. If I wanna go home and be a blob, I want to do that. But with the marathon training schedule, it is a bit hard to do that. So I don't run.

So what happened lately where I am contemplating running the marathon AGAIN??!!! Isn't 3 marathons enough?

Last week we had a retirement luncheon at bass lake on base. The way there is part of the Air Force Marathon route. Memories came flooding back. I know I was in pain during the marathons but they are good memories regardless. You're part of this HUGE event with lots of people yet its all about seeing what you can do for yourself. What can you accomplish. Then I was thinking about it again today. It is luring me in. Like I am meant to run it. Like I can't not be a part of it because I always am a part of it. It is in my soul.

Ok maybe that sounds cheesy. But I just feel this strong pull to do it. I know I can do it. I know it will probably be painful halfway through. But I can rock it.

The training schedule is the part that is stopping me from signing up. Just don't know if I can physically and mentally handle it AGAIN.

So that's where I'm at with this right now.

Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment. :)

2007 Columbus Half Marathon (my first race)

2009 Air Force Marathon

2011 Air Force Marathon

2011 Air Force Marathon with my coworkers/friends

2011 Air Force Marathon with Joy who also ran the marathon


2011 Columbus Marathon (first time using my magic shoes in a marathon)

The Tough Mudder I attempted in November

My medals


  1. Running is an addiction and for some that's a good thing. It does call out and there's no doubt in my mind that you could do another marathon. I have to admit that there's nothing on earth that feels as good as being cheered on while running in an event. Follow your heart.

  2. Thanks consultpro05. And you are right. It does feel good for everyone to be cheering you on. <3 that part.

  3. I am in LOVE with this post! LOVE with it! Boy do I miss those days of running together! I will be there this year. I decided to do the half. It would be SO much fun to have you there too!!! I MISS competing so much! The thrill of the crowd. It's been SO long for me! I hope you do it! I really think it's a part of you Jovan!

  4. Hey..I am a new follower. I found you from HoutzHouseParty on Twitter! =) I have never run a marathon and would love to someday ( I really admire your three!), but I know I don't have the time or mental capacity right now to train for one. I love running so for now I'm keepin it small. I remind myself that I don't have to run 20 miles or consistently break my records for time. I need to keep it at a manageable level where it is keeping me healthy and strong and giving me energy. Whether or not you decide to run the marathon, I hope you can rediscover your love for running and keep on in some little way. =)
    Alesha <3

  5. Thanks Kelly! I miss our days running together too. You and Belinda were so great at it and I puttered along dying! haha! You're doing the half?! YAY!!!! Gives me extra incentive to sign up. :) Are you hanging out at the Greene afterwards? Thats what me and my friend did and other AF marathon/half marathon runners did.

    Thanks for following me Alesha! I'm a pretty new blogger so bear with me. :) Yes, it takes a lot of commitment (in my opinion) to train for a marathon. So good for you for keeping it small. Small is just as good as big. Thanks for the good thoughts! :)


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