Thursday, March 29, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

My girl Kelly (The Houtz House Party Blog) started blogging about what she wore on Wednesdays linking up with another blogger (The Pleated Poppy).  I thought that was such a cool idea!  Although I am not a stay at home mom, I wear pretty boring stuff to work most of the time.  So I probably won't post a lot about what I wear on Wednesdays.  However, yesterday I went to go get a mani-pedi and so I put on some clothes that are better than sweats or boring work clothes.  haha!  So here I am!

Ok this picture is not very good - very blurry for some reason. 

Shirt - Maybe Kohls?  It is very old I think so I'm gonna go with Kohls because thats basically the only place I shop haha!  I can only wear this one when I'm on the skinnier side and its actually loose now so thats awesome! 

Shorts - Kohls for sure.

Shoes - none!  Actually went in some cheap flip flops to the salon.

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