Monday, March 26, 2012

Amazing Race March 25th Episode

I was thinking it would be cool to post my thoughts about reality shows on my blog and would like to know what you, the reader, thought also.
So here is my first reality show thoughts blog.
I love the Amazing Race.  The first road block was the helicopter submerged in water and moving!  You had to escape.  No way in heck could I have done that one.  I would have been flipping out!
By the way, I'm such a Big Brother fan so I loooove Rachel and Brendan.  He did great on that challenge.
Next through apples or oil down a man!  Lol. I probably would have done the apples but the oil thing was so much easier and faster.  And I was totally cracking up!
Yay so Rachel didn't go home so that made me happy.  Kinda sad the jersey boyz went home because they are funny.
Next week more Rachel and that mean girl drama.  Can't wait!


  1. Gosh I guess we gotta start DVRing this again! I SO can't wait for BB this summer though!!!!!!! That's my FAV!! Have you been watching Shah's of Sunset???? I am DVRing it and watched the first episode FINALLY! It's such a guilty pleasure! Ha!

  2. Yes, girl - you totally gotta start DVRing it again! I love BB so much too!!!! CAN'T wait. Highlight of my year lol. Yup of course I've been watching Shah's of Sunset. I watch anything that has to do with rich people LOL! That one chick is psycho! She has some anger issues for realz! Love it! I'll have to blog about that too.


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